Welcome (accueil) to our blog

We want to thank you for stopping by our new blog. We hope to become a complete resource for brides to be wanting to research wedding vendors and get helpful tips on planning for the big day. Not only that, but we plan to offer marketing advice for wedding planners and vendors of all manner wedding support services.

We have been in businesses of all shapes and sizes for many years. In addition to that we have been involved in more than one wedding, including our own 😉 Given our experiences and enjoyment of the celebration of marriage we felt like this site was a great opportunity to share our knowledge and passion with others. We will be feeling out the process for a short while but hope you will come back often as our site grows. In the meanwhile we highly recommend The Knot for information on wedding planning and products for weddings.

To those in the early stages of wedding planning we wish you well on your journey. For those of you that are almost to the finish like we wish you nothing but love, health and happiness.


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